Rolex Sky-Dweller Fake Watch, All Stainless Steel – Review

This is one of the best Rolex replicas I reviewed on my blog. A cheap and good quality replica Rolex watch is always a good find and even thought this might not qualify as dirt cheap it really is a good deal when you realize that a Japanese movement, good quality, and very reasonably priced all stainless steel Rolex Sky-Dweller fake watch can look like this.

AAA Grade Rolex Replica

Yes, I think its very safe to say that this is a AAA quality Rolex replica watch. Looks identical to the original and even though the real deal is white gold and this is stainless steel the differences at a glance are minimum.

I couldnt grab an equally good screenshot from the video below and this pic just kills it. Such a good looking fake Rolex Sky-Dweller piece!

Replica Rolex Watch Movement

Youll clearly see the sweeping seconds hand in the video. Its powered by a good and reliable Japanese Myiota movement. Power reserve of over 24 hours so great for an all day every day wear. Too bad that the center piece is just for show but I could not find this piece with that feature integrated even on the Swiss movements so to me this is as good as it gets.

Fake Rolex Sky Dweller Overview

If youre after one of the new fake Rolex classics as I like to call them then the Sky Dweller is definitely a piece to look into. They come in three versions and this is the simplest of them all being an all stainless steel piece. Again, original is full-on white gold so make sure you know this detail as it is very important. Sticker price is way north of $40k but this baby was around a fifth of that.

Check out the video and let me know your thoughts on it. I really want to know how you like it.