How to wash your wool scarf


Adding a wool scarf to your wardrobe would be very practical. For a quality wool scarf not only keeps you warm in winter, but it also perks up the boring winter outfits. There are many kinds of wool scarf available in the market, from 100% wool scarf, merino wool scarf to wool blend scarf. Whatever wool scarf that you have on hand, to take good care of the wool scarf, there is some special handling needed to keep your wool scarf in good shape.

Hand Washing a Wool Scarf

  1. Know the combinations to wool with your Lorami 100% wool scarf. Different fabrics require different maintence method. To understand what kind of merino wool is included helps to make it much easier for care and washing. It is always better to wash your wool scarf in cold water. The 100% wool will shrink some in hot water. Some wool blend scarves are ‘shrink-resistant’. That’s because there is fiber blending in the scarf. In whatever conditions, washing by cold water is always a safe play.
  2. Use gentle detergent. 100% wool scarf doesn’t get dirty easily. To wash by gentle detergent would be enough to clean it.
  3. Dry the wool scarf with special care. Never hang your wool scarf to drip the water away because it will easily tear your 100% wool scarf out of shape. Lay the wools scarf in the flat surface for a while, let the water drip. Keep the scarf loose for drying.
  4. Dry the wool scarf with natural wind. Avoid direct sunshine on the 100% wool scarf.

Machine Washing Your Wool Scarf

  1. If the washing machine is set properly, it is good to use washing machine as well. First of all, set the mode in the ‘gentle’ button, choose ‘cold water’.
  2. put the 100% wool scarf into a lingerie bag, zip it. In this way, while washing the wool scarf, the movement won’t cause tangling. If you don’t have a professional lingerie bag, you can even use a T-shirt or a pillowcase to cover the wool scarf in the washing process.
  3. Air dry your wool scarf. Even the wool scarf is machine washed. Use air dry to finish the last step. Layout the merino wool scarf on a flat surface and let it dry slowly.